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Rose Care Tips: How to Keep Roses Blooming All Summer

If you are reading this it is quite likely that you have new roses in your garden and want to make sure that they bloom throughout the season. The good news is that rose care for summer months is not difficult – with just a few tips and tricks your roses will stay alive throughout the summer. Here is what you need to do:


It is essential that you water your roses enough during these hot months. The best way to do it is to kill two birds with one stone – water and feed at the same time. Get a water soluble fertilizer such as Miracle Grow and mix it in water as directed. It is best to water your roses in the evening after the sun goes down – if you water them in the morning or during the day most of the water will be lost to evaporation. Water thoroughly but don’t over-do it – if the soil is water-logged your roses will die.

Pruning of dead heads

This is also known as dead-heading. Essentially, it is the pruning of old rose buds instead of letting them fall off by themselves – it allows new buds to grow faster. All you need is a pruner. Cut each dead head where it intersects with the new bud at a 45o angle.

Monthly feeding

Your roses need more that water soluble fertilizer to stay in bloom all summer. The best time to start fertilizing your plants is in the middle of spring when new buds and leaves start to form – you give them the food that they need to bloom in the coming months. The process is easy – push back the mulch and sprinkle granular fertilizer, put back the mulch and water the plant.

Lots of sun

Roses need lots of sunshine to survive. Make sure that your roses get at least 6 hours of sun every day.

There you have it; if you do these simple things consistently there is no reason why your roses will not bloom beautifully in the coming months.

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