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As someone who is new to rose gardening you have to choose between different types of roses. The first thing you have to do is choose between potted and bare root roses. Potted roses come with leaves already developed as well as blooms. Although they are good to look at they cannot be compared to root roses. Root roses are just that – they are a bunch of dry roots that you plant and care for until they develop leaves and bloom. Root roses have several advantages:

• The plant directs all nutrition to developing firm and deep roots, unlike potted roses which drive nutrition towards leaves and blooms, leaving the roots at a disadvantage.

• You will not have to worry about root roses’ leaves being affected by frost. The best time to plant them is early in the growing season.

• Root roses tend to grow faster and they are usually much more resilient than potted roses.

If you must buy container roses then make sure that they come with well-developed and deep roots.

What are the best roses to plant?

This is a common question because there are so many different types of roses. The first thing you should do is check which roses grow well in your area – there are some that are very sensitive to climate and if they aren’t planted under the right conditions will simply die. That said, there are some roses that are more or less universal and will thrive in any climate. You should also consider planting hybrid roses. These are roses that have been developed over the years by combining different roses so that you can get their best traits. These roses tend to do a lot better even in harsh conditions.


This is a common type of rose that is well loved because it flowers throughout the summer and is also quite fragrant.

Hybrid tea rose

This is the most common type of rose in the world. It is the kind that is sold in flower shops everywhere. The reason why these kinds of roses are so common is because they are easy to grow, they grow and bloom fast and they also come in various colors. These roses can grow in most places and with proper care they will bloom very well and are quite fragrant.

You can check online for more types of roses that you can plant in your garden.