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If you are reading this it is quite likely that you have decided to grow roses in  your garden – well, congratulations; roses are one of the most beautiful and fragrant flowers you can have growing in your home. Growing roses is not as easy and if you want them to flourish you have to do things in a certain way. It starts with preparing the soil – roses have very specific requirements when it comes to soil pH. Go to your local gardening store and buy a pH kit to test your soil. The best pH is between 5.5 and 7. If it is too acidic you can make it alkaline by adding limestone and if it is too alkaline you can make it more acidic by adding ground sulfur.

The plants for your rose garden can come in two forms. You can get them as already grown rose plants in pots from your local nursery or you can get them in the form of dry-looking sticks that you will need to grow from scratch. As a beginner it is recommended that you go with the potted variety – you can grow roses from scratch once you have some experience. The best tine to grow roses is in spring – this way they will get the right amount of sunshine. You will need to give the individual plants enough space between them and the soil also needs plenty of organic matter which you can also get from your local nursery of gardening store.

Once your roses are in the ground it is now time to provide them with much needed water – roses need not just lots of sunshine but also lots of water. You will need to water the root area at least twice a week in dry weather. It is best to avoid shallow watering that is more frequent. That said, be careful not to drown your rose garden as it will die.Truth & Roses

Prune your roses every few months to make sure that there is no dead matter. When harvesting take care to harvest only mature buds – if you harvest immature ones you will be wasting them as they may never open.