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Roses have a reputation for being the bad boys of the garden. That they’re finicky and hard to take care of. However remember that roses have been growing without help from anyone in the wild for thousands of years, and they’re still about and doing well. So really how tough can they be to cope with if they can survive just fine on their own?

So in regards to rose garden care, all you need to do is provide only a little bit of help for them now and get out of their way and then.

Let’s begin with the soil. First of all most soil is full of nourishment surely enough for a rose bush. However, when you put your rose bush, there are some matters which you can do to improve it a little bit. You’ve dug your hole out for the new rose plant to go into but before putting the plant inside mix the soil you just dug out with some organic fertilizer and some compost.

This will significantly improve the nutritional value of the earth with naturally occurring organic elements. Put in the bottom of the hole to provide phosphorus for the roots. Set the new rose the increased nutritional land and plant into the ground together making sure that the earth reaches the base of the hole and encompasses all the roots. Fill the hole up to the roots and the top will have ample nourishment for many years to come. Now only add your roots and water will absorb the water and nutrients for a robust, healthy bush with beautiful roses.

For an already existing rose garden, you’ll be able to use compost and organic fertilizer as a ground cover to absorb into your garden soil by sprinkling some water over it. Pruning is an important part of rose garden attention as pruning is not unhealthy for your rose plants. When the blooms of your rose plant begin to decay and age the best thing for your plant, or the health will be to prune them off as that will stimulate additional bloom growth. Pink Rose Garden

Without having to worry about damaging your rose plant you can be quite liberal with your pruning. They aren’t all that rugged. The rule that most gardeners give is that you cut away as much as one-third and one-half of your plant without harming the plant. It is even advised that you do this at least annually after the winter frost just before growing season to stimulate plant growth. One-third to a half is quite a bit. So you can place them in vases for your indoor enjoyment, and you can cut even new roses that are just starting to blossom, beautiful roses away, and you are going to be doing your rose plant no damage in the slightest.

How nice is that? Roses are typically very costly to purchase no loss on the part of your rose bush and at no cost to you and you can have amazing roses. Appropriate rose garden attention will beautiful your garden and the inside of your house. And don’t forget marvelous roses make amazing gifts.