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Your healthy roses are suddenly shredded – what could be the problem? In most cases you will find that it is slugs. Slugs love roses and you will know that they are the one decimating your garden Roses Bed On Garden Landscapebecause they only eat the leaves. In fact, they don’t eat the veins of the leaves so they leave them looking like a sort of mesh. There are several ways that you can get rid of slugs in your garden:

•A small bowl of beer put out in the middle of the garden will get them. They are attracted to the smell and will climb into the bowl and drown. Get rid of the beer in the morning by flushing it down the toilet. You should do this for several nights to make sure that you get them all.

•Epsom salts are also a great way to get rid of slugs. They also provide magnesium for your roses. Just sprinkle on the soil and the slugs will disappear.

•Ordinary salt will also get the job done – slugs hate salt and will do everything to stay away from it.

•There are certain plants that slugs cannot stand. Fortunately, most of them will fit right into your rose garden. If you plant mint, chives, garlic, geraniums, foxgloves and fennel you will get rid of slugs forever.

•Vinegar is an excellent way to get rid of both slugs and their slime. You want to get rid of the slime because when other slugs see it they tend to follow. Any time you come across slime destroy it immediately.

•If you a copper barrier you should wrap it around the roots of the stems – it shocks slugs when they come in contact with it. If you don’t have a copper barrier ordinary foil will do.

These tips should help get rid of slugs in your roses.