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Roses also known as the flower of love are the most popular flowers for a very long period. Roses also symbolize beauty and sometimes even victory, happiness as well as war or politics. There are various attributes that boost its popularity such as its fragrance, wide range of colors, size among other qualities. You can choose bare root or potted roses when considering having roses in your home or garden. rose hips the fruit of the rose bush

Types of roses

Climbing roses

These types of roses have stiff and upright canes that can be directed upwards up to 15 feet and usually grow longer when grown horizontally. They can be attached to walls as well as fences, and they are well known to have large flowers.

Floribunda roses

Floribunda roses are a combination of between Hybrid Tea and Polyantha roses. They can be found in wide range of colors including pink, yellow, white and purple. They are easy to care for and also known to be disease resistant.

Groundcover Roses

Also called landscape roses, Groundcover roses are well known to grow wider than taller, and they are also disease resistant. They are easy to care for and have a tendency for repeated flowering.

Polyantha Roses

They come in wide variety of colors including pink, white and red. They are easy to care for, disease resistant and they are also hardy plants with large bunches of small flowers.

Alba Roses

They are said to be one of the oldest roses on earth and hybrid in nature. They grow to be tall, and they are also hardy plants that tolerate cold conditions and the shady environment.

Centifolia Roses

They are also called Cabbage roses because of their overlapping feature that resembles that of a cabbage head. Commonly used in the fragrance industry, they come in wide range of colors such as white and pink.

Potted vs. Bare Roots Roses

Depending on how you wish to grow your roses, there are two ways that you can choose to grow your roses either as potted or as bare roots roses. Potted roses come with flowers and soil compacted in a bag or container while bare roots roses are dormant plants with no flowers and resembles a bundle of dry sticks. With potted roses, you will get immediate satisfaction on its color and growth while for bare roots it will take time before establishing its growth. Bare root has better chances of focusing more on the roots development, therefore, having easier leaf support while for potted roses their leaf support might be weakened because of the limited roots development.

Growing roses is always a brilliant idea to make our compounds more beautiful.