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If you are new to growing roses you may be wondering how to take care of roses in the summer. You are not alone; lots of people who are new to gardening worry about hot weather and roses. The good news is that if you take care of your roses like you are supposed to there is no reason you should not enjoy fabulous blooms throughout the summer months. Remember, roses require constant care so you have to attend to them every few days. Here is what you need to do.

1.;; ;Water your roses heavily in the morning and on extra hot days you should water them in the evening again. Roses are thirsty plants – for them to be healthy in summer you need to give them lots of water. You can use an automatic watering system if you don’t have time. If you do you can use a watering can. Make sure the area around the roots has enough water but be careful not to overwater.

Bushes pink tea rose in a vintage film effect with toning.

2.;; ;There are days when it will be so hot that you will notice that your roses and blooms are looking rather wilted. You can rescue them by blasting them with cool water from a hose. Watch the pressure though – you don’t want to hit them so hard that you affect the blooms. They should perk up in a few minutes.

3.;; ;Air flow is very important when it comes to growing roses which is why you should prune your roses on a regular basis. Pruning ensures that there is no place for insects to hide and also for diseases such as mildew to develop. Three are other reasons you want to have your roses pruned – it allows for growth of new buds, takes off dying leaves and branches that are consuming nutrition and it also leaves your roses looking neat and healthy. Pruning requires that you cut of dead branches and leaves in a diagonal cut where the dead stem intersects with the rest of the healthy plants. If you are not sure how to do it there are videos online that demonstrate.

4.;; ;You should also keep your roses well fed. In the beginning of summer you should feed them Grow More followed by a mixture of Epsom salts, iron and SuperThrive about a month later. Wait another month and then feed them organics – mix fish emulsion and water according to directions and apply to the root of each plant.

If you do this you will have healthy, fragrant blooms throughout summer.