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At the moment that the majority of the Northern Hemisphere has defrosted, it is time to start waking up the Rose Beds or set for new Roses!

First, pruning roses in the spring:

Pruning is fundamentally the act of getting  free of dead and damaged pieces, and teaching the fresh growth to grow in the right outward facing direction. That just means that you are preparing them to grow facing the outside of the shrub or bush. This will give your roses the right quantity of circulating air to thrive.

Pruning is required for healthy vibrant roses this summer. Do not worry regarding cutting to much you want to get enough off so that the plant has a good base. Begin with good and sharp pruning shears for cutting the dead off (the black hard vines). Make an effort to do this before new growth appears. If there is fresh growth, cut above the new growth that will be able to support the fresh heavier branches.

Second, Sunlight for Roses:

Roses like better full sun, but will perform well with at least 6 hours of sunlight a day.

The issue of sun exposure is mainly important for the gardener who may not have the open space for a formal rose garden. They have to choose from the side of their house with the most suitable exposure.

In regions with extreme summer heat, the morning sun is preferable. In areas that do not have the intense summer heat, choose the area with the most direct sunlight hours. Roses can produce in the shade, but for best results do not grow them in the shade. Roses developed in the shade are generally spindly, unattractive, produce few if any blooms, and are more susceptible to insect and disease problems.

Having a Great Rose Garden is easier than you think. All it takes is some care and a slight planning for a rewarding expierence.