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Anyone who has engaged in gardening of any type will tell you that slugs n roses do not go well together. Slugs are major pests which can be very damaging to your rose bushes since they eat leaves. If you start seeing leaf’s with jagged edges or holes in them then there’s a good chance that you have a slug problem. So what causes slugs to appear in the first place? Too much water. If the soil around your rose bushes is too wet then there’s a good chance that you will end up having a slug problem. What makes this such a problem is the fact that roses need a lot of water in order to thrive. So what can you do to get rid of these little nuisance’s?

Believe it or not a simple bowel of beer is all it takes to get rid of your slug problem. For some reason slugs are attracted to beer, and if you put a bowel out before you go to bed you will probably get up in the morning and find that it is full of dead slugs. The way it works is simple, slugs are attracted to the beer, climb up the bowel, then they fall in and drown. What makes this such a great solution is that it is so easy to pull off. On top of that it is less expensive than buying pesticides, and it’s better for your rose bushes as well since you won’t be exposing them to harsh chemical pesticides. So if you notice the signs of slugs don’t panic. While they are damaging little pests they are fairly easy to get rid of once you notice that you have a problem.

Slug n roses don’t mix, but a simple bowel of beer can help to eliminate them.