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You wake up one morning to realize the leaves on your rose plants are shredded. Bad news he culprit is most like rose slugs and you need to act fast they will go through your plants in a very short time. Rose slugs are little worm-like creatures that eat through rose leaves. You will know they are the ones if only the leafy parts are eaten they do not eat the veins. They also leave little trails of mucus behind them. They are caused by too much moisture. Unfortunately, there are no known chemical cures that are safe for roses.
There are, however, some DIY treatments that have been known to be effective. The first is beer. You should put some beer in a shallow bowl and leave it out in the middle of the garden for the night that is when the slugs come out to feed. The fermented smell of the beer is attractive to rose slugs and they crawl in and die. In the morning empty the bowl in the toilet and flush if you empty it on the ground any slugs that are still alive will only crawl back into the garden and keep feeding. Repeat the process until all the slugs are all gone.
Another common treatment is salt slugs hate salt because it simply dissolves them. Sprinkle salt around your garden and at the base of each plant. Each time slugs try to climb up them they will slip and fall back to the ground. Apple cider vinegar has the same effect and it will provide additional nutrients for your plants. Sprinkle it around your garden and at the base of every rose plant just before the sun goes down. You should also get rid of all trails snails follow other snails by following their trails.