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You have noticed that the leaves in your beautiful rose plants are quickly getting eaten away and are wondering what could be causing the trouble. Worry not this is a common problem in roses and slugs, or snails as some prefer to call them, are the culprit. They do not look like regular slugs they are green in color and are about an inch long. These little bugs can go through your rose garden in no time so you should deal with them right away. You will know that you are dealing with slugs if only the soft parts of the leaves are eaten they usually leave the veins untouched.

If you dont already have an infestation you can simply pick them off wear gloves and have a jar with you so that you can place the slugs there. Make sure to throw them fat away from any rose plants. If, like in many cases, the slugs have already multiplied and are in large numbers you need to take a different course of action.

The best way to get rid of slugs in roses without using insecticides is to leave a small bowl full of beer in the garden overnight. They will be attracted to it and once they get in they drown. Get rid of the bowl in the morning by pouring it6 down the sink.

If a bowl of beer fails to do the job then you can use insecticide. There are many brands in the market but you should be careful which one you choose some are very strong and may end up harming your rose plants especially if they are newly planted. Spare some time to look at your rose plants every day so that in case slugs come back you can deal with them immediately.