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While it is true that roses in different parts of the world require different feeding, there are 3 main ingredients that your roses will need in summer – nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium all of which they get from fertilizer as well as trace elements that they need to thrive. To help you we will tell you about rose feeding month to month throughout the summer.

Start feeding your roses in May so that as the weather gets warmer they have enough nutrition. In the middle of May fed your roses fish emulsion – it is usually mixed with water so make sure that you follow directions so as not to dilute it too much. At the end of the month give them a mixture of iron, Epsom salts and zinc and you can add a bit of SuperThrive or another similar brand.

At the beginning of June it is time for you to give them Grow More – if you don’t have it in your area look for an equivalent. At the end of the month it is time for more SuperThrive as well as a mixture of Epsom salts and iron. This prepares them for the heat that is about to come. In the middle of the month it is time to supply your roses with trace elements. Apply fish emulsion once more.

Roses on green blurred background with red petals. Blooming red rose in the garden.

Roses on green blurred background with red petals. Blooming red rose in the garden.

You will not need to feed your roses so much in August. You should wait until the middle of the month and then feed the fish emulsion. You can give them blood meal, chicken manure or cottonseed meal instead. There are preparations that come with all these ingredients combined – ask at your local gardening shop.

In September the cold weather is beginning to set so you need to give your roses the same combination of ingredients that you gave them at the beginning of summer – fish emulsion, Epsom salts and iron but this time give them a rose fertilizer as well. This will prepare them for the cold months that are ahead.

If you feed roses according to the tips that we have given you here you will enjoy large, healthy blooms.