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 It is important to feed your roses properly in the summer if you want them to have large, beautiful blooms. Roses subsist on 3 main ingredients – nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The nitrogen helps your plants have lush foliage, phosphorus is for healthy roots and flowers and the potassium is so that your roses can maintain vigor. Calcium, magnesium and sulphur are also trace elements that should be present in rose feed as well as boron, chlorine, copper and iron. All these contribute towards overall health.







The best time to start feeding your roses is in early spring. This way, by the time summer comes around not only will they be able to produce healthy blooms, they will also be able to withstand the heat. You should stop feeding them in late summer or early autumn so as to discourage any new growth that may be harmed by frost. There are two different types of fertilizer that you can use. You can choose the granular form which is great because it doesn’t need mixing – you apply directly to the root of the plant. Alternatively, you can choose the water soluble kind which has one benefit – it quickly gets to the roots and provides nutrition faster. There are some time-release fertilizers available but although these are convenient they tend to lack all the ingredients that your plants need.

You need to know how often you should feed your roses. In the summer months it is best to feed them once every 4 weeks. Make sure that you mix the fertilizer into the top layer of soil for best results. It is also important that you follow the feeding schedule – if you put too much fertilizer your rose plants will turn brown instead of blooming. Water the soil before every feed – it loosens the soil so that it can absorb the nutrients faster and you should also water after you fertilize so as to push that fertilizer into the soil.

There is a type of rose food that is called foliar food. It comes in liquid form and it is sprayed onto the leaves where it is absorbed and transported to the rest of the plant. If you choose this type of food make sure that you buy a renowned brand.