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It is never too early to start thinking about your summer rose garden

 by the time the hot months come around you should have all you need in hand so that you can give your roses what they need to bloom. The important thing to keep in mind when feeding roses in summer is that after all that pruning they need a lot of feeding if they are to get their vegetation back along with nice fragrant blooms.

There is no standard food that is recommended for roses

– it all depends on the kind of roses that you have growing in your garden and what is available where you are. If, however, you want your roses to receive proper nutrition it is important that you find a balanced organic fertilizer that contains all the ingredients that roses need. You can talk to your local gardening shop – they will definitely have a fertilizer that is good for your roses. You should also invest in some water soluble fertilizer. In between feeds with organic fertilizer you can use it to make sure that your flowers get continuous feeding. Mulch, manure or compost will finish the job nicely.
The best way to feed your roses is to dig a shallow well around the base of every plant. Once a week after you water the plants apply organic fertilizer as directed, add soluble fertilizer and then top of with mulch, manure or compost.

Keep in mind that there is such a thing as overfeeding roses.

You will know that are giving your roses too much if the foliage becomes too lush – this is not good because the warm, moist conditions allow for pests and disease. If this happens you should reduce the amount and frequency of food that you are giving your roses and wait until additional foliage falls off.

Remember, you have to be very generous with water in summer

– roses are thirsty plants and they need a lot of water to survive. Make sure to water morning and evening at least 3 times a week until the ground is soaked. On extra hot days you can blast them with cold water from time to time to cool them down.