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Summer can be a difficult time for roses. There are a few things, however, you can do to keep your roses beautiful and healthy all through the summer. Such as:


Pruning of roses involves removing dead or damaged leaves and branches from a rose bush. Leaves may have yellow or brown spots on them or they may even have holes in them. Pruning does not get at the root of the problem but it curtails the spread of the infection giving you time to get to the cause of the issue. It also ensures your roses remain beautiful while you take the appropriate steps to eradicating the problem and giving excellent rose care. Dead heading is similar to pruning but not the same.


How you water growing roses during summer can be a volatile issue. Some gardeners say that you should spray water using a hose during the hottest periods of the day but many experts disagree saying it would damage the roses. On the contrary, they do agree that watering should be done more during summer. During hot weather, the plants will activate their own adaptive mechanisms and you should help them by keeping a close eye on them. Give them water when they appear droopy and don’t do too much if they appear healthy.


Fertilizing during summer should be taken very seriously. Fresh fertilizer is a bad idea. The chemical composition of fresh manure is too volatile and it may lead to the roses being damaged. However, summer offers the perfect opportunity to let manure dry up so that it can be fed to the rose bushes. Fertilizing should preferably be done in the beginning or towards the end of summer.

Moisture Retention

To avoid using too much water, keeping the water already dispensed to the plants is key to good rose care. Techniques such as mulching will help water stay in the ground for as long as possible while the roses receive all the sunshine they need. Growing the roses among other varieties of garden plants should provide extra shade to the ground during summer so that moisture is well preserved.