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Your garden is prepared and ready for planting but now you have to deal with the issue of  he types of roses that you should plant. This article will look into whether you should plant potted or bare root roses and also into different kinds that you can plant. Potted roses are just that – they are roses that are already growing in a pot. These are good for people who don’t have gardens as such – they are just looking for a few plants to beautify their outdoors.
If, however, you have enough room for a garden the better way to go is bare root roses. These come in the form of twigs and they are great because they don’t have foliage to take away all nutrition. All the food that you give to them goes into growth. You can get bare root roses at your local gardening supplier or you can buy them on the Internet.
As for rose types, there are 3 that you can choose.

First are old roses.

These have been around since 1867 and people love them because of how hardy they are – they grow without needing much care and they can go a long time without pruning. Old roses bloom only once in summer and they have a strong fragrance. Some specific species include lady Banks, Baronne Provost, Green Rose and Rose de Rescht.

The second type is new or hybrid roses.

Over the years, people have combined different types of old roses to come up with new ones. They do this so as to take advantage of the positive attributes of different roses – by combining them in one plant they come up with a plant that is even hardier. They are diseases resistant, hardy, more colorful and fragrant. There are many different species of hybrid roses including Floribunda, Grandiflora, the Hybrid Tea rose and the Fragrant Plum.

The third type is called wild roses.

These are roses that grow out in the wild without the help of humans. As you can imagine these are extremely hardy – they can survive all kinds of tough conditions. They are usually white, pink and red, bloom once a year and are very fragrant. Examples include Rugosa roses and Multiflora roses.
You can also define roses by their physical appearance. There are climbing roses, miniature roses, shrub roses and tree roses.
Now that you know what types of roses there are you can go ahead and choose which ones you will plant.