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Roses are types of flowering plants that are universal and grown across the world.

Rose flowers were originally found in China but are now grown across the world. They are the most popular flowers in the world due to its aesthetic value, fragrance and other attributes such as being a symbol of love and beauty. It is popularly known as love flower, and thus most people choose it across the world especially for the purpose of gifting loved ones to declare the feeling of romantic love or for home décor. They can serve the purposes both in the form of natural cuts or artificial flowers. They are also available in a variety of colors and species. The types of roses include:

Modern Garden Roses-They are classified according to flowering and growth characteristics. These varieties were bred after 1867. Modern roses

Roses on green blurred background with red petals. Blooming red rose in the garden. Selective focus

bloom continuously unlike the old garden which blooms once a year. They have longer vase life and larger bloom size. They are less hardy and resistant to diseases and lack fragrance. These types of roses include Shrub Roses; Climbing Rose, Peace Rose, Hybrid Tea rose and Miniature roses.

Old Garden Roses-These are the roses that were bred before the breeding of Modern Garden Roses. They had strong fragrance, high bloom shape, and petal shape and known to be hardy and resistant to diseases. They withstand cold and bloom during summer once a year. Examples include Alba rose Banksiae rose, Boursault rose, Ayrshire, and Gallica.

Hybrid Roses/ Wild Roses-These are the parents of the roses of today. They have single, flat flowers and strong fragrance that bloom early in summer or late in spring. Examples include Carolina Rosa, Prairie Rose, Nootka Rose and wood’s Wild Rose.


Potted roses are leafy roses that are planted in a container while bare root roses are planted directly in the garden.; Bare root roses require more garden practices compared to potted roses. If you are someone who likes to putter in the garden activities, then you can have bare root roses. One may also prefer bare root roses since they focus more on root development which enables them to survive in both summer and winter, unlike potted roses. Potted roses can also be preferred since they also have the tendency of focusing on leaf development instead of focusing on their root development thus giving them nice looks as they will be nicely leafed and have flowers with fragrance, unlike bare root roses that focus mostly on root development.